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Here you will find some important answers to the questions we received. 

Can we submit a video?
No, but you can send us images extracted from your video in your application file, indicating that it is a video and that it is available. The selection committee can then decide, per the regulations, to request additional documents including your video in its full version.

Are there any restrictions on the dates of submitted projects?
No, however, keep in mind that we are looking for new avenues for architecture, innovative and new directions for the future of this discipline. The selection committee will focus more (and naturally) on recent projects than on old projects. 

Are there any restrictions on the program and location of the submitted projects?
No restrictions on program type or project location. The Claude Parent Prize is interested in all forms of architecture and is international. 

How many projects can we submit?
Per the regulations, we ask for a minimum of three projects to have a more global vision of the commitment of the candidate(s). 

What is the maximum number of pages for the application file?
​While it is up to each candidate to evaluate the number of pages that seems necessary to allow the pre-selection committee, and then possibly the final jury, to understand the projects presented, please keep in mind that an excessive number of pages can paradoxically harm this understanding, taking more than the necessary time for both the candidate(s) and the jury.

Should we include technical data for each project? 
Technical data relating to projects are not mandatory but could be welcome, depending on the type of project presented, particularly if they again allow a better understanding of the project. The same goes for the contextualization of projects.

Should the graphic documents of the projects presented in the portfolio include explanatory texts?
If you wish, you can of course add explanatory texts. On the other hand, this text describing or illustrating the images must not be the same as the so-called "manifesto" text which is more of a background text on the candidate's vision, motivation, and theoretical or practical research.

Is there a specific format for the manifesto text?
No, we stay within what is defined in the regulations, that is to say a text of 300 words minimum to 500 words maximum (no video, no interactive content, no Powerpoint presentation, etc.)

Should the portfolio graphics and manifesto text be included in a single file?
The portfolio and the manifesto text are distinct.

Do I have to pay a fee to submit my application?
Yes, there is a 20 euros fee to pay when you submit your application. This modest fee is to cover the processing and printing of your application and portfolio.  

What type of project should be developed, what is its location and the surface area on which to operate?
Please remember that the prize is aimed at architects already in practice and who submit their projects (at least three projects) whether or not they are built. It is not a competition of ideas or concepts with a program or location given by the organizers. Submitted projects must be part of your current portfolio or projects.

How is the presentation text different from the biography and the manifesto? What do you mean by "written in the third person"?
The presentation text will be used by the Prize organizers to present the awardee to the press and in different communications about the jury's choice. It's not a biography, or a manifesto, but rather a text presenting the laureate and their work. It must be written in the third person, meaning using he, she, they (vs. the first person: I) so it can be used as is in the press. Think about a press-style article. 

Do the projects presented have to be built?
No, as specified in article 5.4 of the prize rules, the candidate must submit a minimum of three (3) projects, built or not. As a reminder, the prize is aimed at practicing architects. This is not a prize for students, even if the goal of the prize is to show students that any transgression in architecture can be a fertile avenue for the future of this discipline.

Should the portfolio be landscape or portrait? 
It's your choice as long as you respect the A4 page format. 

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